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dc.contributor.authorMatas, Isabel M.
dc.contributor.authorPerez-Martinez, Isabel
dc.contributor.authorQuesada, Jose M.
dc.contributor.authorRodriguez-Herva, Jose J.
dc.contributor.authorPenyalver, Ramon
dc.contributor.authorRamos, Cayo
dc.identifier.citationMatas, I.M., Perez-Martinez, I., Quesada, J.M., Rodriguez-Herva, J.J., Penyalver, R., Ramos, C. (2009). Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi Contains Two iaaL Paralogs, One of Which Exhibits a Variable Number of a Trinucleotide (TAC), Tandem Repeat. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 75(4), 1030-1035.
dc.description.abstractIn this study, Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi isolates were demonstrated to contain two iaaL paralogs, which are both chromosomally located in most strains. Comparative analysis of iaaL nucleotide sequences amplified from these two paralogs revealed that one paralog, iaaL(Ps)n, is 100% identical to iaaL from P. savastanoi pv. nerii, while the other paralog, iaaL(Psv), exhibited 93% identity to iaaL from Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato (iaaL(Pto)). A 3-nucleotide motif (TAC) comprised of 3 to 15 repeats, which remained stable after propagation of the strains in olive plants, was found in iaaL(Psv). Based on the observed nucleotide sequence variations, a restriction fragment length polymorphism assay was developed that allowed differentiation among iaaL(Psn), iaaL(Psv), and iaaL(Pto). In addition, reverse transcriptase PCR on total RNA from P. savastanoi pv. savastanoi strains demonstrated that both iaaL(Psv) and iaaL(Psn) containing 14 or fewer TAC repeats are transcribed. Capillary electrophoresis analysis of PCR-amplified DNA fragments containing the TAC repeats from iaaL(Psv) allowed the differentiation of P. savastanoi pv. savastanoi isolates.
dc.titlePseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi Contains Two iaaL Paralogs, One of Which Exhibits a Variable Number of a Trinucleotide (TAC) Tandem Repeat
dc.typearticle 15 2009
dc.journal.titleApplied and Environmental Microbiology

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