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dc.contributor.authorVillagra, Aranzazu
dc.contributor.authorOlivas, I.
dc.contributor.authorBenitez, V.
dc.contributor.authorLainez, M.
dc.identifier.citationVillagra, A., Olivas, I., Benitez, V., Lainez, M. (2011). Evaluation of sludge from paper recycling as bedding material for broilers. Poultry science, 90(5), 953-957.
dc.description.abstractSeveral materials have been used as bedding substrates in broiler production. In this work, the sludge from paper recycling was tested for its potential use as litter material and was compared with wood shavings. Moisture content, apparent density, and water-holding capacity were measured and characterized in both materials. Later, 192 male broiler chickens were distributed among 16 experimental pens, 8 of which contained wood shavings as bedding material and 8 of which contained the sludge. growth rate, consumption, tonic immobility, gait score, breast lesions, foot pad dermatitis, hock burn, tibial dyschondroplasia, and metatarsal thickness were determined in the birds. Although the moisture content of the sludge was high, it decreased strongly after 7 d of drying, reaching lower values than those of wood shavings. In general, few differences were found between the materials in terms of bird performance and welfare and only the incidence of hock burn was higher in the sludge than in the wood shavings. Although further research is needed, sludge from paper recycling is a possible alternative to traditional bedding materials because it achieves most of the requirements for broiler bedding materials and does not show negative effects on the birds.
dc.titleEvaluation of sludge from paper recycling as bedding material for broilers
dc.typearticle 1 2011
dc.journal.titlePoultry science

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